Review of ANA flight Manila Tokyo in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH820
Class Economy
Seat 17A
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 04:35
Take-off 01 Sep 19, 09:30
Arrival at 01 Sep 19, 15:05
NH   #4 out of 74 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 207 reviews
Published on 3rd September 2019

This is the end of my 2019 summer vacation. It has been a blast touring around a few countries in Asia and will definitely return here hopefully in the future! For my trip back home to Canada, I will be taking three flights. The first two being on ANA and the last sector on Alaska Airlines. 

ニノイ・アキノ国際空港 ninoy aquino international airport

ANA is one of the few airlines (the first international airline actually) to use Terminal 3 at NAIA airport. I arrived three hours before departure to check-in for the flight to Narita. 

The check-in line for Economy Class seemed a bit long, but I was directed to the web check-in line as ANA automatically checked me in online 24 hours before departure. The passengers were a good mix of nationalities, with the majority being either Japanese headed home to Japan or Filipinos visiting Tokyo or connecting onto other flights out of Narita. There were also a few handful of Westerners joining this flight as well. The flight was almost 100% full, so no empty row this time. 

photo p_20190901_064505


ANA has placed signs regarding Economy passengers where to sit in the boarding area for a smoother boarding experience. The people sitting in the back of the plane were to sit in the front chairs in the boarding area while the passengers sitting closer to the front of the plane were to sit in the back chairs as boarding for Economy Class goes from back to front. This makes the boarding process more efficient without staff having to stop passengers and pulling them over to the side before their row numbers were announced. 

Notice the sign in this picture regarding Economy Class passengers where to sit in the boarding area depending on their row numbers.

photo p_20190901_084552

The Dreamliner that was to be used for this flight, registration JA834A.

photo p_20190901_083810


Boarding began at 9:00AM and in just over 15 minutes afterwards it was announced that the doors were already closed. For that duration of boarding on an almost-completely full Dreamliner, it was one of the fastest boarding experiences I've experienced compared to my Air Canada flight in July on a smaller A320 which took over a half hour.

My seatmate arrived and sat on the B seat; she was a Filipino passenger headed home to San Diego. 

photo p_20190901_091246

View for the next few hours

photo p_20190901_090955

Pushback was at 9:20AM, just ten minutes ahead of the scheduled departure time of 9:30. 

photo p_20190901_092545photo p_20190901_092922

Look what's still here several months after the incident….

photo p_20190901_093019

Taxi time took just 17 minutes and we were immediately cleared for takeoff after turning onto the runway.

photo p_20190901_093334photo p_20190901_093501photo p_20190901_093526

Terminal 1 of MNL Airport

photo p_20190901_093537

Rotation and initial climb out of Manila

photo p_20190901_093600photo p_20190901_093603photo p_20190901_093609


The Cabin Attendants began the meal service half an hour into the flight. "Which meal would you like to have? Pork or chicken? I recommend the pork." the CA asked us. I went with her recommendation and got the pork with rice. 

photo p_20190901_101615

Overall the meal tasted okay. The salad was lacking a little bit in taste but the udon noodles was the best side dish that came with the meal. For my drink I got the ANA Original kabosu juice.

photo p_20190901_101637

After the trays were collected, I handed my flight logbook to one of the Cabin Attendants.


The crew dimmed the windows for passengers to rest. You could still control it but it was only limited to half-tint or darker. 

photo p_20190901_110929

Flight progress

photo p_20190901_113119

The IFE selection hasn't been updated on this flight yet as this aircraft flew in from Narita the night before and it was still August at the time. Still, there were plenty of movies to watch. Announcements onboard this flight were made in Japanese and English, as all the cabin attendants on this flight were Japanese.

photo p_20190901_113824

Cabin view mid-flight

photo p_20190901_113837photo p_20190901_113846

The SKYSHOP catalogue had a few interesting items, including an ANA Flying Honu A380 diecast model for sale.

photo p_20190901_114017

The Cabin Attendants on this flight were wonderful. During the meal service, they would write down in their notebooks the seat numbers of passengers who were asleep. Then when they woke up, the CAs would politely tell the passenger "Sir/Madam, you were asleep during the meal service but we did not forget you. Would you like to have your meal right now?"

When she got to my row, I asked for a snack mix and some Japanese Sake. The Cabin Attendant was happy to give me two packets. 

photo p_20190901_120942

Rear Economy Class cabin

photo p_20190901_122409


Soon, it was time for descent into NRT International.

photo p_20190901_134051photo p_20190901_140320photo p_20190901_140324

Speedbrakes deployed

photo p_20190901_140714photo p_20190901_141256

Flight Path of the aprroach

photo p_20190901_141314photo p_20190901_142212photo p_20190901_141459

Landing at Narita International Airport

The flight landed near the Japan Airlines terminal, which meant quite a lengthy taxi to Terminal 1.

photo p_20190901_143036photo p_20190901_143107photo p_20190901_143114

There were many other flights arriving at the same time, mostly ANA and United flights from North America. This could mean a long line at transit security and/or immigration.

photo p_20190901_143238photo p_20190901_143514photo p_20190901_144308

Parked near an ANA B777-300ER. Arrival at the gate was at 2:45PM, which was 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

photo p_20190901_144357

フライトログエントリ flight log entry

After the flight, the cabin attendant came to me and handed me back my logbook along with some ANA souvenirs.

It was a nice flight on ANA to Narita, now it was time for a layover for about 3 hours before continuing onto ANA 178 to Seattle.

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Cabin crew9.0

Manila - MNL


Tokyo - NRT



Overall the flight to Narita on ANA was great. Cabin service was very good, the meal was okay overall but still edible. The boarding process was truly one of the fastest I've ever experienced thanks to the way Economy passengers were seated in the boarding area.
The cabin attendants were excellent in terms of service. Their English is decent but I had no language barriers as I communicate with them in Japanese.
ANA truly showed wonderful Japanese hospitality on this flight from Manila to Tokyo, and will continue to be my first airline of choice.

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    ThomasDutch SILVER 537 Comments

    Seems like you've had an excellent flight with a superb cabin crew. Boarding with that speed is probably only possible by the Japanese in which people are actually on time and listen or follow their guidelines/signage haha! Like your previous AC experience, even in Europe boarding could take ages. Thanks for sharing! Hope you've had a wonderful holiday!

    • Comment 520426 by
      CanadianWings AUTHOR 31 Comments

      Hi ThomasDutch, thanks for your comment.
      Indeed I was surprised at how fast the boarding process was! Out of all the flights I've took, it's the Japanese airlines that I've experienced that boards the plane quicker than any other airline I've flown. I was shocked that a fully loaded Dreamliner only took 15 minutes to board! Thanks for reading my FR!

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