Review of Alaska Airlines flight Seattle Calgary in Economy

Airline Alaska Airlines
Flight AS2068
Class Economy
Seat 14D
Aircraft Embraer E-175
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 01 Sep 19, 15:35
Arrival at 01 Sep 19, 18:15
AS   #114 out of 134 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 34 reviews
Published on 3rd September 2019


This is the last flight in my travels, and it's en-route to home in Calgary. This will also be my first time flying Alaska Airlines.


I couldn't get any pictures of SeaTac airport or the boarding gate as I was dead tired and slept almost the entire layover. I was only able to start taking pictures as soon as I was settled in my seat. 

photo p_20190901_153215

Cabin view of the Embraer 175. I prefer to fly this aircraft over an A320 as the seating configuration is nicer, with nobody more than one seat away from the aisle. 

photo p_20190901_153413

There was no seatback TV onboard, however there was Alaska Airlines free wireless entertainment available, as well as free texting inflight which I found to be a wonderful feature for the airline. 

photo p_20190901_153426

This flight was also late pushing back as a tray table had to be fixed. 

There were a few flights ahead of us during takeoff sequence, therefore we had to wait a few minutes.

photo p_20190901_160617photo p_20190901_160925

Soon after, the aircraft rolled down the runway and was en-route to Canada.

photo p_20190901_161255

Rotation and Initial Climb

Views of the city during ascent.

photo p_20190901_161551photo p_20190901_161553

It was a nice afternoon for flying.


The flight time was estimated to be just over an hour, so only a snack and drinks were served. These Biscoff cookies were great! It was my first time trying them and I've never heard of them before. My aviation friends who've flown Alaska told me that the cookies served onboard were one of the best snacks on a plane they've had. I definitely agree!

photo p_20190901_164213

After service was done, I handed my logbook to one of the crew.


Not long after, it was time to land at YYC International Airport.

photo p_20190901_171209photo p_20190901_171210

As soon as the plane entered these clouds, it was complete turbulence until landing.

Final approach into YYC International

Last few seconds in the air

Touchdown at Calgary International Airport

Taxi to the terminal was not long and we were parked near a Westjet Dreamliner, the newest addition to their fleet.

After all the passengers have disembarked, one of the flight attendants returned my logbook and apologized that all the information couldn't be filled up but did invite me to the cockpit and ask the pilots if they could fill up the rest of the missing information. I agreed and went up to the flight deck where the first officer greeted me and signed my logbook.

A shot of the Embraer 175 flight deck as the first officer fills up my logbook.

photo p_20190901_183347

Afterwards, we bid each other goodbye and it was the usual arrival procedures. This officially marks the end of my 2019 summer vacation! 

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Alaska Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Seattle - SEA


Calgary - YYC



Alaska Airlines is a great airline to fly with. The free texting inflight is definitely a great alternative to use if the wireless entertainment content isn't to your tastes. I was able to keep updated with my aviation friends about my flight progress.
The Biscoff cookie so far is the best snack I've received on a flight.
Cabin crew were great. Service was done efficiently and with a smile.
The Embraer 175 is a great plane to fly on regional flights.
Overall, a nice flight on Alaska Airlines. Hope to have more flights with them in the future.



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