Review of KLM flight Lima Amsterdam in Business

Airline KLM
Flight KL 744
Class Business
Seat 02D
Aircraft Boeing 777-200
Flight time 12:15
Take-off 18 Feb 19, 21:05
Arrival at 19 Feb 19, 15:20
KL   #38 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1027 reviews
By GOLD 2464
Published on 9th December 2019

Let's continue this trip with the return flights with KLM.


This time it was even worse to access the airport, it took more that 01H45 from Miraflores. The last 10KM took the most part of the journey: 01H15! 

photo dsc_0772_resultat

The KLM desks were pretty empty:

photo dsc_0774_resultatphoto dsc_0775_resultat

I could have used the self service desks but not this time :)

photo dsc_0776_resultat-81811

I quickly checked in and got my lounge invitation:

photo dsc_0773_resultat-77815

The FIDS was not actualized as its left part was still showing early afternoon flights and it was around 0600P at the time of the picture.

photo dsc_0777_resultat

The LATAM desks are a bit messy:

photo dsc_0778_resultat-68157

And the arrival part of the terminal a zoo:

photo dsc_0779_resultat

For me, it's upstairs:

photo dsc_0780_resultat-53752

Lots of people seating along the walls:

photo dsc_0782_resultat-26327

Here as well, the word mess is appropriate: the security for both national and domestic flights is mixed but if you go national, you need to use the right lanes, international, the ones on your left. Pretty confusing.

photo dsc_0783_resultatphoto dsc_0784_resultat-48351

To add fun to the thing, you may have remembered that for domestic flights you can take water with you. Not for international. Meaning lots of passengers had liquids or water in their bag :)

photo dsc_0785_resultatphoto dsc_0786_resultat

If you followed this all, now you should know that left is international and right domestic :)

photo dsc_0787_resultatphoto dsc_0788_resultat

It took a solid 30' to pass through it but I had more than enough time. Next stop is emigration.

photo dsc_0789_resultat

The very friendly agent had a hard time in locating the "entrada" stamp in my passport. Upon arrival the, at that time, not so friendly agent, stamped my passport on its second page, in the middle of other pretty old stamps. As my passport is solid stamped until page 22 it takes her a while to look for that entrance stamp. After a minute or so, I offer her some help, she smiles and hands my passport over. I show her the stamp and she asked if I wanted to have the "salida" stamp on top of it or if I want to have a nice stamp at the end of my passport. I take the second option. I really like stamps in passports.

A short duty free shopping for the kids: 

photo dsc_0790_resultatphoto dsc_0791_resultat

Airside it is pretty quiet:

photo dsc_0792_resultat

For the spotting it is another story as there is a hallway between the inside and the outside windows.

photo dsc_0793_resultat

Evening FIDS:

photo dsc_0795_resultat

Interjet A320:

photo dsc_0797_resultat

Avior 737-400:

photo dsc_0798_resultatphoto dsc_0799_resultat

Air Plus UltraA340-300:

photo dsc_0800_resultatphoto dsc_0801_resultat

I then head to the lounge:

photo dsc_0802_resultat

salon hanaq - lim international

Friendly welcome, the lounge is spread over two floors:

photo dsc_0803_resultatphoto dsc_0804_resultat

The lower part being closed, let's go upstairs:

photo dsc_0805_resultat

There are three buffets zone offering more or less the same snacking food:

photo dsc_0806_resultatphoto dsc_0807_resultat

Cheese breads, sandwiches and potatoes:

photo dsc_0808_resultat

Sauces for the potatoes and cakes:

photo dsc_0809_resultat

Chicken ceviche:

photo dsc_0813_resultatphoto dsc_0814_resultat

More sandwiches, tuna or red hot pepper dips and fruit salad:

photo dsc_0815_resultat

More salads on the left part:

photo dsc_0818_resultat

Sadly the whole cutlery is in plastic. Not that environment friendly :(

photo dsc_0819_resultat


photo dsc_0816_resultat

Orange and apples juices plus chicha morada, a red corn juice, very local but not really my thing :)

photo dsc_0811_resultatphoto dsc_0812_resultat

For alcoholic drinks, no self serve here. You need to go to the bar and get your BP stamped. Two free drinks and no more. Not business friendly :(

photo dsc_0820_resultat

A global view of the lounge:

photo dsc_0817_resultat

There is also a business corner:

photo dsc_0821_resultat

I took a bit of everything just to taste:

photo dsc_0822_resultat

Apart from the potatoes, all the rest was sub-par, no taste, very industrial. I also took some fried corns that I really like. Those were good though.

photo dsc_0823_resultat

I'll get two martinis as "free" drinks :)

photo dsc_0824_resultat

Two stamps, no more drinks ^^

photo dsc_0825_resultat

My nice exit stamp from Peru.

photo a

the flight

I used my two hours in the lounge to work, the wifi was fast enough and then headed to the gate. The flight was slightly delayed as the turnaround for the 777 is only scheduled to be 01H50. Should the inbound flight comes in a bit late, the return is late also. But as the flight time is counted very large, the arrival delay is either non existent or minimal.

photo dsc_0829_resultat

The airport is pretty quiet:

photo dsc_0827_resultatphoto dsc_0828_resultat

Boarding is done is a very orderly way and I'll be first to board the plane, just after special assistance. 

photo dsc_0830_resultat

Warm welcome at the door, left turn for me.

photo dsc_0832_resultatphoto dsc_0833_resultat

Same cabin as on the outbound, always 36 seats on both 772 or 773:

photo dsc_0834_resultatphoto dsc_0835_resultat

Some more views of the seat:

photo dsc_0836_resultat

Still the same small feet box:

photo dsc_0837_resultat

Seat controls:

photo dsc_0838_resultat


photo dsc_0839_resultat

Safety card:

photo dsc_0840_resultatphoto dsc_0841_resultatphoto dsc_0842_resultat

Champagne, OJ or beer as welcome drinks:

photo dsc_0843_resultat

Amenities kit:

photo dsc_0844_resultat


photo dsc_0845_resultat

The headset is below average, not really sound noise cancelling:

photo dsc_0846_resultat

The IFE is already available:

photo dsc_0847_resultatphoto dsc_0848_resultat

A flight time of around 11:25 is expected.
The menus are handed out: 


photo kl2

The business class isn't full, I was fortunate enough to score one of the empty 6 seats.

photo dsc_0852_resultat

We took of at around 0945P and the service starts with a pipping hot hot towel:

photo dsc_0854_resultat

I took a flying dutchman cocktail to start, together with nuts (no choice, as the cheese is only served outbound)

photo dsc_0855_resultat

Trolley service:

photo dsc_0858_resultat

This is the starter:

photo dsc_0859_resultat

Together with the cutlery:

photo dsc_0860_resultat

Where to start: the bread is stale and not good at all. I have been offered olive oil but I wanted butter that wasn't available on the trolley. Seems that butter is no longer an option on dinner return flights.

The starter was scallops with a quinoa salad and a kind of mayonnaise sauce. The scallops were the smallest I had ever seen, the quinoa salad was good but there wasn't any dressing with it.

photo dsc_0861_resultat

Why on hell people always but the drink stirred with the big part down? The big part comes up! :)

photo dsc_0862_resultat

The main was supposed to be chicken let, we got chicken fillet, not exactly the same. Also not a real hit.

photo dsc_0863_resultat

I took some cheese with the crumble and a baileys:

photo dsc_0865_resultat

The cheese was so so, but the dessert was the highlight of the meal.

The service took, as almost usual with KLM, ways to long: exactly 3 hours. For 30 passengers and without an a la carte and dish plating service, this is by far too much.

I then extended my seat to bed mode and used the empty seat duvet as mattress and the pillow as second pillow :)

photo dsc_0866_resultat

Time to close the eyes:

photo dsc_0867_resultat

Just before passing out for the night, chocolates are distributed:

photo dsc_0869_resultat

During the flight I paid a quick visit to the galley, here the door 12:

photo dsc_0876_resultat

Here the business class galley:

photo dsc_0871_resultatphoto dsc_0872_resultat

Amenities specifics to business class lavatories:

photo dsc_0873_resultat

Y Class snack bar:

photo dsc_0875_resultatphoto dsc_0877_resultat

And some samples from the J class bar:

photo dsc_0882_resultat

We are awaken 02H15 prior to landing which is far too early, specially when there is only 30 passengers…

photo dsc_0885_resultatphoto dsc_0886_resultat

Service starts with orange juice and a hot towel: 

photo dsc_0888_resultat

I took the papaya crepes:

photo dsc_0889_resultatphoto dsc_0890_resultat

It wasn't actually papaya but mango. Even better, I prefer by far mango. They were very good but the portion is on the small side.
The cheese was just ok, the croissant was also ok.

After this breakfast there is still a solid one hour flight time. Again that shows how the service starts too early.

Delft houses distribution at the far end of the flight with my 33rd house : 

photo dsc_0894_resultat

We landed on the polderbaan:

photo dsc_0891_resultat

A long long taxi later :)

photo dsc_0892_resultat

And heading for a long 5H layover.

photo dsc_0895_resultat

A queen of the skies seating in AMS:

photo dsc_0896_resultat

And my plane, PH-BQP:

photo dsc_0897_resultat
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Cabin crew9.0

International VIP Lounge HANAQ


Lima - LIM


Amsterdam - AMS



Nothing much to say about this flight, the catering was below average and that begins to be a common thing on KLM.

Access to LIM is terrible, even worse in rush hours.

AMS isn't clean enough, but this is a common thing also.

The lounge in LIM was adequate and a good place to wait a couple of hours.

Thank you very much for reading, the last part of this journey will be online very soon.

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