Review of Hawaiian Airlines flight Lihue Honolulu in Domestic First

Airline Hawaiian Airlines
Flight HA 104
Seat 02A
Aircraft Boeing 717-200
Flight time 00:25
Take-off 27 Jan 18, 06:25
Arrival at 27 Jan 18, 06:50
HA 38 reviews
By GOLD 548
Published on 12th December 2020

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Lihue LIH - Airport

After 10 wonderful days in Kaua'i, that took the #1 ranking in our Hawaiian Islands Top, it is already time to go back home. I selected the first morning flight since this was the only one that connected with the 767 flight (and lie flat seats) to LAX as codeshare. For that, we needed to drop off the car at …05AM

photo dsc_0679photo dsc_0680

The check in was done in a matter of minutes:

photo dsc_0681

TSA was a breeze, we had been selected for TSA-pre, no need to remove anything from the bags. A good thing.

photo dsc_0682

The terminal is looking a bit sad, early morning flight, not too much activity and … return from vacation.

photo dsc_0683photo dsc_0684

Most of the terminal is open air, apart from the boarding gates:

photo dsc_0685photo dsc_0686

There is a Premier Lounge, we decided to quickly have a look at it:

photo dsc_0687photo dsc_0688

Self scan to enter:

photo dsc_0689

And … this is the lounge:

photo dsc_0690photo dsc_0691photo dsc_0692

Small, very small, but cosy.

About drinks, it is exactly what you would expect from a HA inter-island lounge.

photo dsc_0693photo dsc_0694photo dsc_0695

And the same for the snacks:

photo dsc_0696

We took three coffees to go and went to the boarding gate since it was freezing cold in the lounge.
The boarding screens show nice pictures of the islands:

photo dsc_0697

Boarding counter:

photo dsc_0698

The gate:

photo dsc_0699

Our plane was due to land at 05:55 and go back to HNL at 06:23. Really short turn around time for HA.

photo dsc_0700

As hotels are all super expensive in Hawaii, HA has no scheduled overnights planned for their crews. All first inbound flights to HNL leave HNL at around 5 AM to be able to do the first 6A flight to HNL. It is almost the same for the crews doing rotations to the US west cost. They do turnarounds and their shifts are somewhere between 12 and 14H

Here our plane that just landed from HNL:

photo dsc_0702photo dsc_0703

the flight

Once the passengers have disembarked, our boarding is launched three minutes after. It would be a light load that morning with only 32 passengers on board.

photo dsc_0704photo dsc_0705

The 717 main door:

photo dsc_0706

The cabin:

photo dsc_0707photo dsc_0708

No outside pictures it was still pitch dark:

photo dsc_0709

Safety Card:

Seat pitch:

photo dsc_0716

Flight time was 11 minutes, we were offered coffee, tea or water together with Biscoff cookies.

photo dsc_0717

HNL in sight:

photo dsc_0718


photo dsc_0719photo dsc_0720photo dsc_0721

And a nice B717 line up:

photo dsc_0722photo dsc_0723photo dsc_0724

Our plane a last time:

photo dsc_0725photo dsc_0726

And we arrived a bit ahead of schedule:

photo dsc_0727


Kaui'a is a fascinating island, we loved it so much. Here the Kilauea lighthouse:

photo dsc_0114

Lots of wind and very high surf:

photo dsc_0127photo dsc_0142

Closer to the lighthouse:

photo dsc_0143

That lighthouse saved the life of the first aviators that flew from the Western US cost to Hawaii. They were supposed to land in Oah'u at dusk but overshoot the island and if they hadn't seen the light of the lighthouse, they would have also overshoot Kaua'i and crashed into the Pacific.

We then went to Secret Beach that is all but secret, and frankly speaking, not worth a visit there is much better to do:

photo dsc_0189photo dsc_0192

Anini Beach, that gets less exposure on tourist guides, a bit more north, was much better. Cristal clear water, a wonderful lagoon, we loved it:

photo dsc_0199photo dsc_0202photo dsc_0215

Kauai is the island that gets the most rain, no wonder she is called the garden island. We had rain every day during our 10 days vacation but the key is "move around". There is always rain somewhere on the island but there is also always sun somewhere. Just go and look for it.

Speaking about the rain, here Hanalei Valley, under it. A next bonus will show it under the sun :)

photo dsc_0228photo dsc_0229

This is Wainiha further North:

photo dsc_0241 - copiephoto dsc_0243

Here we are almost at the northernmost point of the island:

photo dsc_0245

Maininiholo cave:

photo dsc_0251photo dsc_0252


photo dsc_0256photo dsc_0258photo dsc_0260

Haena Beach Park:

photo dsc_0262

At the far end of route 560 Haena Beach. After that beach it is the Napali Coast that has absolutely no roads on it. You can only see it from the water or from above.

photo dsc_0263photo dsc_0268

One of the one way bridge north of the Island:

photo dsc_0276

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Hawaiian Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Premier Club


Lihue - LIH


Honolulu - HNL



On such a short flight, it is almost a miracle to have something served, I was more than happy with the coffee and the cookies. LIH is a nice little airport although looking a bit tired in the night :)

Mahalo for reading!

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5513 Comments

    I really like Hawaiian Airlines--it's too bad I haven't had much opportunity to fly them, though I imagine that will change in the future once I'm back on the West Coast and when this whole pandemic finally gets better. I love 717s and it's so nice to see HA still getting some good use out of them on inter-island flights. These newer cabins look much fresher than the previous ones and give the ageing 717 fleet a new lease on life for now.

    Thanks for sharing!

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