Review of KLM flight Toronto Amsterdam in Business

Airline KLM
Flight KL682
Class Business
Seat 2A
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 07:00
Take-off 14 May 18, 17:50
Arrival at 15 May 18, 06:50
KL   #33 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 979 reviews
By GOLD 1828
Published on 18th August 2021

Sorry guys, just noticed that I didn't finish this series of an archive from a trip to the US, back in 2018.

Toronto Pearson

I just landed from Montreal and were parked where the arrow is on the below map. We need to go to the circled gate:

photo terminal3-aftersecurity_may2017

A pretty long walk to there :)

photo dsc_0591

Pretty long I said :) it was like never ending:

photo dsc_0595photo dsc_0596

737-800 bound to Varadero:

photo dsc_0594

Our plane:

photo dsc_0597photo dsc_0598

AC A321 and A330-300:

photo dsc_0600photo dsc_0601

More walking:

photo dsc_0602

The lounge, at least!

photo dsc_0603photo dsc_0604

Sky Team lounge Toronto Pearson

We were warmly welcomed but the lounge was almost full. No window space, I found a spot a bit further back.

photo dsc_0605

Coffee machine:

photo dsc_0607


photo dsc_0608


photo dsc_0610photo dsc_0611

Soups (Thai style and mushrooms)

photo dsc_0609photo dsc_0612

"real" bread, crackers and crisps:

photo dsc_0613

The cold buffet:

photo dsc_0614

Hot dishes:

photo dsc_0615photo dsc_0616

Hard drinks:

photo dsc_0617

Some sweets:

photo dsc_0618

There are nice chairs along the windows, unfortunately all taken, but it will not stop me from spotting a bit:

photo dsc_0619

An 124 in distance:

photo dsc_0620

Long gone now MD88 Delta:

photo dsc_0621

And missed a lot :(

photo dsc_0623

Westjet 738:

photo dsc_0622

AF 772:

photo dsc_0626

AC Dash 8-Q400:

photo dsc_0628photo dsc_0629

AF again:

photo dsc_0630photo dsc_0631photo dsc_0632

321 AC:

photo dsc_0633photo dsc_0634

Back to AF:

photo dsc_0635

This is my lounge snack:

photo dsc_0625photo dsc_0624

It was more an early supper than a lounge snack in fact. On it was possible to check the menu for the flight and the least I can do is that it wasn't inspiring at all. I decided to eat a bit more than usual in the lounge to compensate, in case of :)


I left the lounge a bit before official boarding time only to find this … mess:

photo dsc_0638

People queuing everywhere and no SkyPriority lane to be found.
There it is, in front of the restaurant tables…

photo dsc_0639

You actually need to queue in the restaurant to get to it. Unbelievable.

photo dsc_0640

The rest of the lanes:

photo dsc_0641

It was such a zoo that it was impossible to pre-board wheelchairs first, they were boarded at the end of the process.

the flight

In the jetty:

photo dsc_0642


photo dsc_0643

The door:

photo dsc_0644photo dsc_0645

The greeting wasn't particularly friendly, not common on KLM.
The 789 business cabin:

My seat:

photo dsc_0650photo dsc_0651photo dsc_0652

The small mirror:

photo dsc_0653

Champagne as welcome drink:

photo dsc_0654

The feet box:

photo dsc_0655photo dsc_0656

The screen:

photo dsc_0657photo dsc_0658

Right view:

photo dsc_0659

Safety card:

photo dsc_0660photo dsc_0661photo dsc_0662

Glass stowage? :)

photo dsc_0663

Flight time was expected to be 6H30, too short to sleep and even more on KLM. You'll see why later.

photo dsc_0664photo dsc_0665photo dsc_0666

The IFE first said 7H+ but the captain soon reduced it to 06H30 more or less :)

photo dsc_0667

The menu:

photo dsc_0668photo dsc_0669photo dsc_0670

Wines & co:

photo dsc_0671photo dsc_0672

The food:

photo dsc_0673photo dsc_0674photo dsc_0675


photo dsc_0676photo dsc_0677

The amenity kit: (not to my liking: the color is really sad looking and the content of low quality)

photo dsc_0678photo dsc_0679

Jet Airways 773, also long gone:

photo dsc_0680

AC 773:

photo dsc_0681

Sunwings 738:

photo dsc_0682

Rouge, 763:

photo dsc_0683

LH 744:

photo dsc_0685


photo dsc_0686

A380 EK:

photo dsc_0687photo dsc_0688

763 AC:

photo dsc_0689

And take off!

photo dsc_0690photo dsc_0691photo dsc_0695

Beautiful view over Toronto, and the airport of Toronto Bishop:

photo dsc_0696photo dsc_0697


photo dsc_0700

Downtown Toronto:

photo dsc_0701photo dsc_0704

Goodbye :(

photo dsc_0705photo dsc_0706photo dsc_0707

WIFI was supposed to be available but wasn't :(

photo dsc_0709

The service started 20 minutes after take off with a hot towel:

photo dsc_0710

And then nothing happens for a while. Time to show you the headset then:

photo dsc_0711

Remote control:

photo dsc_0712

Tray table:

photo dsc_0713

The window:

photo dsc_0715

30 minutes after take off, the aperitive service starts with some sweet wine and nuts:

photo dsc_0716

Then nothing happens again for a while…

photo dsc_0717

After an hour, the tray with the starter is being served:

photo dsc_0718photo dsc_0719

With the cutlery:

photo dsc_0720

It was looking pretty good but it was more or less a plate with all they could stuff on it. Fresh cheese, ham, smoked ham, olive tapenade, atichoke, tomatoes… The side salad was really sad looking and no dressing was offered :(
90 minutes into the flight the hot dish was served. I took the chicken:

photo dsc_0721

It was … not good at all. Super dry, the sauce was burnt, carrots had no taste, the rice was .. rice. 2H into the flight the tray was cleared and again, nothing happened for a while.
Thirty minutes later the dessert was offered. If you counted well that means, we are 4H before scheduled arrival time:

photo dsc_0722

Duty free is being offered together with the dessert and coffee service from a separate trolley. I had no interest and made my bed:

photo dsc_0723photo dsc_0725

But as you see lights were not yet deemed. 3H into the flight, water was offered for "the night". And eventually the lights were switched off 3H15 after take off. That is ways too long for such a short transatlantic flight. We still have 3H15 to go.

The problem is, KLM usually starts breakfast service … 2H before arrival. I had hope that given the long first service, they might delay it a bit. I am the kind of person not being able to sleep well when there is noise around me, even with a mask and earplugs.

And as per their protocol, service started exactly 2H before landing. Meaning I could have around an hour of sleep. Some would say better than nothing :)

I decided to try the "apple blossom" as hot dish, having no idea what it could be. This is it:

photo dsc_0726photo dsc_0727

The breakfast was far better than the dinner, but having eating dinner so close to breakfast, I didn't really felt hungry. Sun is rising:

photo dsc_0736photo dsc_0738photo dsc_0743

Such a beautiful moment:

photo dsc_0745photo dsc_0746photo dsc_0747

Just love it!

photo dsc_0749photo dsc_0751photo dsc_0752

The best moment of every flight:

photo dsc_0753photo dsc_0757photo dsc_0764

Then the traditionnal Delft houses are given:

photo dsc_0729

At that moment we still had 1H20 to go. KLM could have delayed the service by at least 45'. The only thing to do then is … going back to bed. I am woken up by the announcement that the cabin should be prepared for landing.
Approaching the coast:

photo dsc_0767photo dsc_0768

Almost there:

photo dsc_0770

And arrived:

photo dsc_0771

EasyJet and Corendon:

photo dsc_0773

Small Planet A321, also gone :(

photo dsc_0774

359 Delta:

Last look at my dreamliner:

photo dsc_0780photo dsc_0781
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Cabin crew3.0

Air France KLM Lounge


Toronto - YYZ


Amsterdam - AMS



The cabin and the seat are really nice. The crew was just here to do the job, I have not said a word to the purser, even though he was in the aisles from time to time, he didn't took time to interact with the passengers.

No WIFI but the plane was supposed to have it :(

The worst part was the food, the dinner was just terrible.

Boarding was a mess but otherwise Toronto did its job. Amsterdam was ok, lots of passengers in transit meaning queuing at security and passport controls.

The lounge was ok.

Thanks for reading, the final leg will be online soon :)

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Nice planespotting at Jet Airways....blast from the past. In my mind they were already long dead by 2018, but i guess not. So weird to see the new AC livery and 9W in the same report...those feel like they shouldn't coexist haha. Love the updated livery and cabins on the 789s!

    This review seems very representative of a typical KLM long-haul J experience: Consistently fabulous cabin crew, overall solid experience, hit-or-miss this case a total miss.

    The side salad was really sad looking and no dressing was offered :(

    Because who doesn't love just dry lettuce leaves, right? 🤣🤣🤣

    Thanks for sharing!!

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