Avis du vol KLM Cityhopper Amsterdam Bordeaux en classe Economique

Compagnie KLM Cityhopper
Vol KL1315
Classe Economique
Siege 6A
Temps de vol 01:40
Décollage 16 Déc 21, 10:05
Arrivée à 16 Déc 21, 11:45
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Par GOLD 219
Publié le 4 janvier 2022

Continuing my trip report to Bordeaux, France

The pax bus dropped us at lounge 1, which is the central part of the airport. Very convenient when you have an international connection or when you want to head to the lounge.

photo img_2451photo img_2452photo img_2453

Immigration lines were completely empty. However Stuttgart is one of the first arrival of the day. 

photo img_2454

Welcome to the lounge. Love how Alitalia disappeared from the list ;)

photo img_2455photo img_2456

Welcome as usual, cold and uninterested. I went directly for a shower reservation. 

Short review of the offer 

photo img_2457photo img_2458photo img_2459

Nothing to write home about. Quantities and diversity is present. 

photo img_2460

After asking, my shower is finally ready. Normally they should send you a SMS…

photo img_2462

The shower is very basic: just a mix soap/shampoo, no other amenities. Teeth brush and shaver. That's it. No tissue in the dispenser (and it's always like this). Poor image of the lounge.

photo img_2463photo img_2464photo img_2465

Continuing my review with the drink offer. All softs are in dispensers. Orange juice is even not available this morning. Wines are normally some 3€ bottles….

photo img_2466

A few strong alcohols are available though.

photo img_2467

Leaving the lounge for my flight. Immigration is now much more crowded. 

photo img_2468

Heading to the end of the B gates

photo img_2469photo img_2470photo img_2471

Bording on time. Short view of the cockpit at boarding. 

photo img_2473

Legroom is very good in these E190

photo img_2474photo img_2475photo img_2476

Our neighbor is a no name in CRJ700

photo img_2477photo img_2478photo img_2479


photo img_2480photo img_2481photo img_2482


photo img_2483photo img_2484photo img_2485


photo img_2486photo img_2487photo img_2488


photo img_2489photo img_2490photo img_2491


photo img_2492photo img_2493photo img_2494

Take-off to the South

photo img_2495photo img_2496photo img_2497

Very nice views this morning. Love morning flights with sunrise. 

photo img_2498photo img_2499

Service of this today flight: sandwich and drinks

photo img_2500

You may ask for two drinks

photo img_2501

Egg sandwich

photo img_2502

Today we arrive from the South West

photo img_2503

Landes forest

photo img_2504

Bordeaux airport

photo img_2505photo img_2506photo img_2507


photo img_2508photo img_2509photo img_2510

Bordeaux still has 6 Norwegian B787-9 grounded.

photo img_2511photo img_2512photo img_2513

View of the terminal, hall A

photo img_2515

There was an immigration control. Main reason is COVID control, they may ask for vaccination or test proof when you come from a red area. Nothing in my case (and you may tell them whatever you want, they don't control boarding pass).

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KLM Cityhopper


KLM Crown Lounge - Schengen


Amsterdam - AMS


Bordeaux - BOD



KLM: The same every flight. No surprise, good offer.
AMS: Efficient but not nice
BOD: Not my taste to say the least
KLM crown lounge: looks like a canteen. Not good for the main hub in my opinion.

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  • Comment 591127 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6188 Commentaires
    Today I learned from your FR that the dutch word for showed is the same as in French. haha

    AMS: Efficient but not nice

    It's definitely not the prettiest airport, but it is convenient

    BOD: Not my taste to say the least

    Why's that? Because of the border control for an intra-schengen flight, which is dumb in my opinion---but they're doing it everywhere now. Had a long queue at TLS coming from MAD this summer. I haven't been to Merignac in years but I remember is being cute...like easily navigable. I may be remembering wrong though

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 591533 by
      airberlin GOLD AUTEUR 1778 Commentaires
      Aha yes was wondering why Douche stands on the key?!?^^
      I don't like BOD because you have to always take stairs going up and down again, aisles are small, all waiting areas as well. Most of the time floor is durty and I don't even speak about the bathrooms... What is cute is the A concourse where Volotea starts most of their flights.

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