Review of Air France flight Los Angeles Paris in Business

Airline Air France
Flight AF 77
Class Business
Seat 02L
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 10:45
Take-off 28 Jan 18, 21:05
Arrival at 29 Jan 18, 16:50
AF   #35 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 4622 reviews
By GOLD 1717
Published on 13th December 2020


The holidays are now over for good and it is time to fly back to France. The shuttle drops us off at the arrival level, not really handy with our 5 big suitcases. All shuttles have now to drop off and pick up passengers at that level.

We head upstairs to the Air France counters.

photo dsc_0927

The check in process was completed in no time and the friendly agent informs us that AF has terminated its agreement at the Korean Lounge and uses the One World Lounge instead. She says that the change is great since the new lounge is much better. Even if I have not seen it yet, I could only agree as my last visits at the KAL lounge never impressed me. We then went straight to TSA:

photo dsc_0929

One World check in zone:

photo dsc_0930

TSA is upstairs:

photo dsc_0932photo dsc_0933

It didn't look very busy and we were sent to the priority lane. The problem is that this lane also receives also all kind of assistances, from families with babies to wheel chair as the dedicated assistance lane was closed for the time being.

This meaning that each time a passenger or family seeking assistance comes, the priority lane gets stucked. During a good quarter, the line didn't move a lot, only when the agents noticed that the priority lane was moving slower than the general lane, they decided to re-open the assistance lane.

After 15/20 minutes it is our turn and that was the moment that the belt to the X-Ray decided to stop and nobody had any idea on how to make it start again. It took them another 15 minutes to get someone to restart the thing. It wasn't a big deal but when you wait in line for more than 30 minutes in a priority lane it can be annoying.

That being said, the TSA agents were all very friendly.

On the other side there is a flag of honnor in memory of those who lost their life on 09.11. God bless them all.

photo dsc_0934

Let's go to the terminal:

photo dsc_0935photo dsc_0936

I really like how they renew the TBIT.

photo dsc_0937photo dsc_0938

The Los Angeles Business Lounge - One World

The entrance of the lounge:

photo dsc_0939

The lounge attendant was super friendly and wished us a nice stay here.

photo dsc_0940

It was still early and the lounge was pretty empty, later in the evening it was fully packed.

Here the bar:

photo dsc_0941photo dsc_0943

The hard drink choice is big:

photo dsc_0944

I noticed that all drinks where free of charge, from cocktails to liquors. I didn't see any champagne though, but I also didn't ask.

Wine was self service:

I also didn't see any french wine.
A lovely coffee machine,  coffee was also to be ordered at the bar:

photo dsc_0978

The lounge has no views over the tarmac but to the terminal only or via screens to LA:

photo dsc_0994photo dsc_0995


photo dsc_0959photo dsc_0960

A very nice atrium:

photo dsc_0965


photo dsc_0973

A fake fire:

photo dsc_0996

Lots of spaces to lounge, relax or work:


photo dsc_0968photo dsc_0971photo dsc_0972


photo dsc_0969photo dsc_0970

And the food:

photo dsc_0964

Hot dishes:

photo dsc_0945photo dsc_0946

Chicken with olives and indonesian pasta:

photo dsc_0947photo dsc_0948


photo dsc_0949


photo dsc_0950


photo dsc_0951photo dsc_0952photo dsc_0954

Fruit salad:

photo dsc_0953

Some sweets:

photo dsc_0956photo dsc_0957

And fruits:

photo dsc_0958

Some of our plates:

photo dsc_0974photo dsc_0975


photo dsc_0977

The cutlery:

photo dsc_0976

Only the chicken was really good, the other dishes were pretty bland, sad as the lounge and the presentation of the buffet are top notch.

The lavatories:

photo dsc_0991photo dsc_0993

Showers are also available. Shortly before boarding we went to the gate area.

LAX TBIT second part

I really liked the FIDS:

photo dsc_0998

Some shops:

photo dsc_1000photo dsc_1001

THe flight

Boarding started on time but the lines were not materialized despite the screen indicating general boarding left and business class right. Meaning people queued everywhere and the agents had a hard time making the process organized

photo dsc_1002

We had the surprise to fly with the three men that neutralized the terrorist in the Thalys train between Amsterdam and Paris in 2015. They were heading to Paris for the premiere of the movie that was telling their story. A big thank you to this guys that didn't think twice to protect people.

photo dsc_1003

The aircraft door:

photo dsc_1004

The purser was standing at the door and was super warm and friendly. Unfortunately she would not be working in Business class, where the cabin attendant working would be a whole different story.

The cabin is the "Best' cabin, this is why I choose that late flight vs the earlier A380 one:

photo dsc_1005photo dsc_1006photo dsc_1007

I really like this cabin:

photo dsc_1008

My seat:

photo dsc_1009photo dsc_1015

There is lots of storage area, this one being my favorite:

photo dsc_1016photo dsc_0001

The main concern with that seat are the controls, their location is not good if you lay your arm on the side, you always touch them.

photo dsc_0002

2 windows for me tonight:

photo dsc_0003

The welcome drink together with the safety card:

photo dsc_0004photo dsc_0005photo dsc_0006

Then the purser came to introduce herself to all business class passengers. She was a delight: happy to be here, happy to listen to the customers, a joy to fly with!

Some magazines:

photo dsc_0007

Front view:

photo dsc_0008


photo dsc_0009

I always like this slipers kit:

photo dsc_0012photo dsc_0013

But I always found it strange to put the headset covers on it:

photo dsc_0014

At that time I realized we didn't get yet the comfort kit as they were already handed out on the other side of the plane. I asked the cabin crew that was in charge of our row and she abruptly answered that she will do it "soon".

Since we arrived on board she wasn't particularly friendly nor smilling. We pushed back and took offshortly after.

Service started with a hot towel:

photo dsc_0015

As the aperitive carts are being rolled out, I ask again to the attendant if it would now be possible to have the kit. She answers : "You did not get it?" I answer "No, otherwise I wouldn't be asking". The passenger on the other side of the aisle overhears it and says that she wants it also now since she wants to sleep and needs the mask and the earplugs.
The hostess then, eventually, gives the kits to our side. I didn't get why she didn't do it earlier.

photo dsc_0016photo dsc_0017

I was also a bit sad to see that it was the old model, the new one looking much better and with a Air France pen in it. My mother received the white one:

photo dsc_0018

Then the aperitive starts, the other side of the cabin had been already served a while ago :)

photo dsc_0019

I took a  Campari Orange:

photo dsc_0020

Together with a lovely appetizer:

photo dsc_0021

The hostess simply put it next to my drink and I had to ask what it was. She answered that she had no idea. I then asked if we can have the menu card as this was also not being distributed. She answered they were not loaded but she will explain the choices at the time she will serve the entrees. If she explains it the same way she does for the appetizer it will be fun :)

A quick look at it and I can tell you what it was (she could have simply done the same) : shrimp with guacamole and tomato. Very nice.

This is the IFE:

photo dsc_0010photo dsc_0022

The tray table:

photo dsc_0023

Then comes the purser to check that all goes well. I tell her that I was a bit disappointed not having the new kit with the AF pen. She took my adress and promised to send me one as soon as possible. I got it 5 days later. This is what I call customer service!!

I also tell her that our the very cold and unfriendly attitude of her colleague, she takes note and deeply apologizes for it. She said she will make sure it will improve.

Follows the starter

photo dsc_0024photo dsc_0025

As she hands the tray over, the cabin attendant simply asks "What do you want to drink?" Absolutely no explanation on what she is serving, nor any smile or something like this.

I decided to play it the opposite way and smile to her with asking: "Which white wine would you suggest to go with this Maine lobster and his mango tartare, served with a lemon mayonnaise?". (after years of reading Flight-Report and having flown a lot between the US and France, this starter is a served roughly on 80% of the flights)

She gives me a surprised look back and had to concede :) She then answered that the Pouilly Fumé would be good choice. I was more than happy to have played my game :)

photo dsc_0026

The next highlight of the game between the CA and me was when she came with the entree choices. She said : "I have beef, lamb or chicken"

I asked her to elaborate a bit more since we don't have any menu and she said earlier she would explain what the entrees are. I see that she is clearly annoyed but answered "beef with mash", "Lamb with semolina" or "Chicken with vegetables".

Then it is a bit too much for me. I answer in the same annoyed way that this doesn't help and if she can't elaborate more, then she will have to show me the dishes. She starts with the beef and this is what I took:

photo dsc_0028

I asked my mother seating behind me what she took, she said, "the raviolis". I tell her that I wasn't even offered that choice. The hostess hears our discussion and tries to kind of apologize by saying that she only had one ravioli. OK but that isn't a reason not to offer it.

My mother asked then my father, also seating behind her what he took and he said … "the fish" !!! That means another option that I haven't nor my mother be offered. Again, she hears it and comes back and says she messed it up as she took the fish for chicken.

I asked my father to show me his fish dish. If everyone here tells me that looks like chicken, I will gladly buy a pair of glasses.

photo dsc_0027

The beef was ok, not overcooked (but also not medium), my mom liked her ravioli while my father enjoyed his chicken fish :)

Then came the dessert service, no mention of any sherbets  that Air France always serves together with the dessert. I asked if they had any, she answered "Yes" but no mention to what kind of. Had to ask again to get it. Unbelievable.

Here the dessert with a mango sherbet:

photo dsc_0029

It was good.

After this good meal and wonderful cabin crew interaction, time to brush my teeth and sleep to forget this.

photo dsc_0032photo dsc_0033

Clarins products:

photo dsc_0034

A 777 door:

photo dsc_0031

The fwd galley:

photo dsc_0035

I then slept almost until breakfast.

Before it, the purser comes to check if things went better with her colleague. I said no and told her what  happened earlier. She is, again, deeply sorry, she said she had spoken to her but she is in a bad mood and there would not be anything to make her change. She said it is not acceptable and that such behavior should be banned but there is nothing she can do apart filling a report.

This is the breakfast, there was choice between a hot savoury egg dish, a cold cold cuts and cheese dish and pancakes filled with fruits. I took the later:

photo dsc_0036

The breakfast was really nice. I then played "Who wants to be a millionnaire" and made it to the million:

photo dsc_0037

I am still waiting for my money ^^
The flight reaches its end:

photo dsc_0038photo dsc_0039

Outside it is a grey winter day:

photo dsc_0042

A last hot towel:

photo dsc_0041

Almost there:

photo dsc_0046photo dsc_0047

Terminal 2G:

photo dsc_0048

At stand:

photo dsc_0049

I was more than happy to leave the plane and "my" cabin crew. Upon de-boarding the purser once again apologized for her behavior. Sad to see that such people are allowed to be in contact with passengers.

A last bonus of Kaua'i with the must do if you are there, Waimea Canyon.

kaua'i bonus - waimea canyon

We spent a whole day there, sightseeing, walking, discover, doing nothing. The Canyon is beautiful and as beautiful as the Grand Canyon, albeit completely different.

photo dsc_0515photo dsc_0519

Just love it!

photo dsc_0526photo dsc_0533

I was often speechless:

photo dsc_0534photo dsc_0557photo dsc_0562

Hard to not fell in love with that place!

photo dsc_0563

In distance, when the weather cooperated, you can spot Ni'ihau island. That island is strictly off limits. Only people that leave there are allowed to go to it

photo dsc_0570

The island is private, owned by a family and the people who leave there (around 100 people) have no power, phone, running water. And they seem very happy like that.

photo dsc_0569

Kalalau Lookout:

photo dsc_0573

The view was perfect, someone told us that for the major part of the last two weeks, it was cloudy everyime.

photo dsc_0575

Pu'u O kila lookout is the last point you can drive:

photo dsc_0596

From there you can walk to Wai'ale'ale, known as one of the wettest spots on earth: (but not that day^^)

photo dsc_0585photo dsc_0591

The first clouds arrived:

photo dsc_0597

This is the trail down to the valley:

photo dsc_0608

Some more views of the Canyon:

photo dsc_0615photo dsc_0617

To access Waimeo Canyon, there are two roads: before Waimea the road 550 and after Waimea the Kokee Road. We choose going up via Kokee Road and go down via 550. This is Kokee:

photo dsc_0513

But this is road 550:

photo dsc_0626

We were glad we took 550 to go down, since it has steep turn and descents and its much more fun that way.

Wailua and Opeaka'a waterfalls

photo dsc_0471photo dsc_0474

 Opeaka'a :

photo dsc_0477photo dsc_0482

Both waterfalls are worth a visit, easily accessible.

This is the Wailua river:

photo dsc_0484photo dsc_0489photo dsc_0490

And to finish, Mc Arthur Park :

photo dsc_0641

One of the biggest beach in Kaua'i:

photo dsc_0651

Kaua'i is a wonderful island. You can discover most of it very easily, the people leaving there are super friendly and happy to show you around. I found them ways less stressed than on Oah'u.

What I loved the most on Kaua'i is that you find almost everything: big beaches, small lagoons, sheltered bays, waterfalls, rivers, rain forests.

I had the chance to visit 4 hawaiian islands: Oah'u, Big Island, Maui et Kaua'i. I am unable to tell you if it is Big Island or Kaua'i my favorite, both come as number one in my heart, Maui being very close behind.

I am happy I visited Oah'u at first as if I had seen the other islands first, I would have hated it. This way I saw the most crowded island first and then the others. I will not say I hated it because there is a lots of things to see there, the north of the island and the east are more authentic and have beautiful spots. Not to mention Pearl Harbour.

Maui has the most beautiful beaches and the Haleakala is a must see. The road to Hana is also awesome. But there might be a bit too much tourists

Big Island and its volcanos, the lava fields, the beautiful black sand beaches and the incredible amount of small hidden beaches is a paradise. Not to mention the Mauna Kea, you can go to the top of the volcano that reaches a whooping 13'000 feet. And see the snow.

But Kaua'i is and will be Kaua'i :)

I am really looking forward to going again, this time to discover Lanai and Molokai

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Air France

Cabin crew6.0

oneworld Los Angeles Lounge - TBIT


Los Angeles - LAX


Paris - CDG



Hard to rate the crew: our hostess was a disaster while the purser was a dream. The other crew members were also very nice.

The food was good but without menu it is hard to guess what you are eating.

LAX access can be messy, specially the drop off zone at arrival level that is absolutely not convenient with suitcases.

As usual a big thank you for reading, I hope you liked it as much as I liked writing it.

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