Avis du vol VietjetAir Hanoi Seoul en classe Economique

Compagnie VietjetAir
Vol VJ960
Classe Economique
Siege 23F
Avion Airbus A320
Temps de vol 04:10
Décollage 15 Jul 15, 01:45
Arrivée à 15 Jul 15, 07:55
VJ 34 avis
Par 4823
Publié le 17 juillet 2015
Good morning y'all !

Here is the report of my flight back to Seoul, after having spent four unforgettable days in the beautiful country that is Vietnam. By the way, I recommand this country to anyone willing to visit Asia one day. It has its own character, its own charm, and there is always something to do in Hanoi, even late in the night. This city has an incredible enthusiasm.


As those who read the ICN-HAN flight report know, I didn't plan to write a report about the flight back to South Korea. But, as those same people could expect, the flight was so uncomfortable, that I finally decided to write it, as I didn't sleep. I didn't manage to.

To make a short summary of the context, I am currently an Engineering trainee in Seoul, South Korea. As I got one free week, I decided to make a small trip in another country with two friends of mine. We finally booked a flight with Vietjet Air, a very young - and not less ambitious - low cost carrier born in 2009 with an all-A320 fleet, for less than €250.

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Here is what it looks like on a map, using Great Map Circle:

photo map

But before beginning the report, let me show you some photos of this unmissable country.


As four days was far from enough to visit much sites in Vietnam, we concentrated ourselves on two unmissable (I don't have any other word) places: Hanoi and Halong bay.


This city is a beautiful mixture of colonial style archiectures - as the country was a French colony - and traditional style Asian temples, gates, pagodas, etc… . All of this with the charm and the fervour of a developing country.

Vietnam as we see it now was born thanks to heroism of Ho Chi Minh - who fought against France and United States for the freedom of the Vietnamese people. The regime devotes a personnality cult to President Ho Chi Minh, who is still considered as the President, just like Kim Il-Sung in North Korea. By the way, those countries as diplomatic relations, as North Korea has an embassy in Hanoi. Not far from Poland's and Germany's ones. Quite surprising for me.

Then, what is not surprising at all is that President Ho Chi Minh has its own Mausoleum. Like Mao in Beijing.

By day:
photo DSC_0044

And by night:
photo DSC_0247

The national flag in front of the Mausoleum is removed each night at 9 pm, with the national athem played in the background. Here is what the ceremony looks like:
photo DSC_0272photo DSC_0279

The Hanoi's Flag Tower:
photo DSC_0003

The same Flag Tower seen here from a nice place with people dancing with a very enjoyable Latino American music:
photo DSC_0012

The president's resident. I was quite surprised that nobody came from nowhere prohibiting me from taking photos of it.
photo DSC_0050

This is also Hanoi. Electrical engineers and technicians have a lot of work is this city:
photo DSC_0019

Would you like a little piece of propaganda ? Propaganda for you, Propaganda for him, for her, for them. Propaganda for everyone at the Ho Chi Minh museum! Here is a letter, written by Nguyen Ai Quae to a French fellow and caught in Ho Chi Minh's museum. This museum is directed by the Vietnamese ministry of Propaganda, itself.
photo DSC_0169

Dear fellow,
I come from Indochina and I am a member of the French party. In this capacity, let me thank you for the attention you gave to the colonial issue at the Lyon Congress.
On the other hand, I would be happy to talk to you about the colonial issue if you'll grant me a meeting.
As I got my nose and my fingers frozen during the Lenin funeral, I can't work at the Comintern. I would be grateful if you write me directly to my address […].
Please accept, dear fellow, my fratenal communist greeting.

And to finish the Hanoi part, here is a nice little Pagoda:
photo DSC_0070

Halong Bay

Halong Bay is another unmissable - once again - place to visit in Vietnam. You just can't go back to your country without spending at least two days there on a boat. By the way, if you want to do this, don't book your cruise on the internet. Every single hotel or even hostel in Hanoi has relations with cruise companies there. The cheapest cruise I saw on the net for two days and one night was USD 171. We finally found an excellent opportunity on an awesome boat for less than USD 70, with the transportation fees to Halong city included.

Halong bay is a water area with no less than 1969 islands and islets. This place was originally far from coast, between 550 and 250 millions of years ago. A huge amount of sediments amassed there. The Earth crust movements broke it. Then, erosion, rivers and rains created huge caves, collapse of which completed the lansdcape. Here it is:

Our boat:
photo DSC_1429photo DSC_1437


At Noi Bai airport

With the flight departing at 1:45 am, our hotel booked a shuttle for us at 10:30 pm for USD 15. 30 minutes later, here we are:
photo DSC_0282

The Internationl Terminal of Noi Bai airport looks very clean, modern and pleasant at first sight. There are several screens showing the flights status outside, just in front of the entrance. Ours is expected on time:
photo DSC_0281

This is what it looks like after having entered:
photo DSC_0283

Just like the ICN-HAN flight, there is no counter for the people who already checked-in online like us. So, we have to queue again before getting our new BP.
photo DSC_0284photo DSC_0286

This time, it is much faster than in ICN airport: after less than 10 minutes, our BPs are printed. The agents, true VJ agent not subcontracted, were very sympathic with us.
photo DSC_0287photo DSC_0288

Enjoying a little Whooper with the Flight Documents:
photo DSC_0289

The border and the safety steps are very fastly passed. The airside area is as clean and pleasant as the rest of the terminal. But it is quite long!

As you can see, the terminal is not very spotter-friendly. Here is a Vietnam Airlines A330-200:
photo DSC_0290

And a Kenya Airways Dreamliner just arriving from Nairobi:
photo DSC_0294

I am forced to use my 55-300mm lens to get some good shots with few parasitic reflections. A Vietnam Airlines A330-200 wearing the Skyteam dress:
photo DSC_0298

A Boeing 777-200 bound to Paris Charles-de-Gaulle. This flight will soon be operated by the recently delivered A350-900.
photo DSC_0301

The same plane closer:
photo DSC_0303

A little closer:
photo DSC_0304

Now getting a little further as she is being pushed back and starting up her engines:
photo DSC_0306

Another A330-200:
photo DSC_0308

Close enough to see the pilots preparing their flight:
photo DSC_0311

Here is the Kenya Airways B787 we saw arriving a little earlier:
photo DSC_0315

I guess she's a Dreamliner, but I am not sure. Can you confirm ?
photo DSC_0317

Now with the Paris-bound Triple Seven:
photo DSC_0322

Now closer:
photo DSC_0326

Being fed:
photo DSC_0328

Here is a photo of the airside area of the international terminal:
photo DSC_0329

The toilets are very clean. One of the cleanest I've ever seen in an airport:
photo DSC_0331

We were supposed to board at Gate 23. At the boarding time, our plane still wasn't at the gate. Then I understood that either we would depart late, or the gate has changed. Or both. It was the both option actually. Here is our new gate.
Three different numbers for one boarding gate means…
photo DSC_0332

There is an HD Sony Bravia TV screen for each boarding gate, in front of the seats. Very enjoyable.
photo DSC_0333

…bus. Right!
photo DSC_0334

500 meters further, we get near our plane. This one looks older than the one we got for the previous flight, which had Sharklets.
photo DSC_0338photo DSC_0340

The flight

We finally get in the cabin about 15 minutes later than expected. The greeting is very warm from very nice and elegant hostesses and stewards. Like the previous flight, there is one steward for two hostesses.

I didn't expect to have a better legroom than in the previous flight. My kness are firmly in love with the seat in front of me:
photo DSC_0342

The safety card:
photo DSC_0343

And here is the magazine. I didn't present it in my previous Flight Report.
photo DSC_0344

It has very nice and very attractive photos:
photo DSC_0345photo DSC_0346

But I have to wait until the very last pages to see a few lines written in English, as nearly all the articles are written in Vietnamese. The menu…

…is once again useless for me, as they don't take credit cards on board - only cash - and as I didn't reserve a meal. This time, I ate before getting onboard. Well calculated.

The boarding is very rapidly completed. No pushback for us, as we are on a remote ramp directly connected to the taxiway. We start our engines with about 28 minutes late. We taxi rapidly to the runway:
photo DSC_0353

My take off shots are not good enough to put them in this report. I directly tried to sleep, as I didn't expect to receive even a glass of water (see previous report). I succeeded for one hour, as I was tired enough not to take care about the cruel lack of comfort. I didn't manage to extend my night. Of course, I missed the sunrise. When I definitely wake up, we were not far from beginning the descent.
photo DSC_0356

The little winglet:
photo DSC_0357

We are here when we begin our descent. Where ? I don't know. Can't see anything down there.
photo DSC_0358

At that moment, I had a rare feeling while aboard an airplane. I was happy that the flight would end soon. Very happy. The past hours were certainly the worst flight hours I ever spent. Unfortunately, I didn't expect those 30 minutes of rounds in the sky:
photo DSC_0360photo DSC_0361

Indeed, the weather is very bad down in Seoul, with a very heavy fog. The flaps are now fully deployed, meaning that we are on final, but we still don't see the ground, and we are still above clouds.
photo DSC_0363photo DSC_0364

Seconds from touchdown. 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, retard, retard, 5. Gentle touchdown ladies and gentlemen.
photo DSC_0365photo DSC_0366

We park with 40 minutes late to the satellite dedicated to foreign airlines, letting me spotting this BA Dreamliner:
photo DSC_0370

And this AF B777-300ER, being prepared to fly back to Paris soon:
photo DSC_0371photo DSC_0372

Close to which we finally shut down our engines:
photo DSC_0373

A last view of the very tight cabin. 6-abreast.
photo DSC_0374photo DSC_0376

I don't hope to see you soon, little A320.
photo DSC_0377photo DSC_0378

Its registration was VN-A669. It was a 5.8 year-old A320, baptized on September 22nd, 2009. Not so old, finally.
Afficher la suite




Hanoi - HAN


Seoul - ICN



To conclude, I have exactly the same feelings as for the ICN-HAN flight. Let's be honest, it was a very bad flight, and it was the last time I take a low cost carrier for such a long flight. But we have what we pay for.

Same feelings, same marks.

It was my 25th report, and my very first written in English. I wanted to share my experience with the English-speaking members of Flight Report, as it was only the third report for Vietjet Air.
I hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you for reading me,

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  • Comment 141756 by
    KévinDC TEAM GOLD 5832 Commentaires

    Hi thanks for sharing! This is the 1st report I've seen on VietJet Air (I don't get much time to read the French reports so much anymore). Very cool tourist bonus, beautiful pics, though I can't say I share in the enthusiasm about Ho Chi Minh and communism, my family is from South Vietnam.

    I had no idea VietJet flew long haul. A long flight like this on Low-cost slimline seats with nothing to eat sounds like torture. And the seat picth is pretty awful.

    Congrats on your 25th report! I look forward to more in English!

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    Great FR! Thank you for sharing in English :)

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    Thanks for the great report Fernousdu972. I too am taken by Vietnam and want to return.

    I appreciate knowing a little more about VietJet. I tried to book with them when I was traveling int he area but my credit card wouldn't be accepted on their site. I think my bank was blocking it for security. Perhaps I should thank them.

    Thanks again and happy flying!

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    Hi Fernousdu972!
    Thanks for your report about VietJet Air! It was a great report.
    I will have a training in Seoul in this November. Than I plan to visit Vietnam. And I want to travel to Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh City by VietJet Air. Now with your report, I know more about the facilities of VJA. I appreciate so much for your report.
    And congrats for your 25th report. Wish you have more great report.
    - P/S: Your photos was taken by which camera? It was very nice.

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