Review of Batik Air flight Yogyakarta-Java Island Jakarta in Economy

Airline Batik Air
Flight ID6375
Class Economy
Seat 30A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 07 Jul 19, 17:45
Arrival at 07 Jul 19, 19:00
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By 1204
Published on 11th July 2019

Hi Hi Helloo! and welcome back to my new flight report. After a short weekend trip at Yogyakarta or also known better as Jogja, we have to back to our town Bandung, but as now the flight operated by Wings' ATR was fully booked we had to choose over HLP or CGK and after long discussion and unfortunately Garuda was full booked also so Batik was our choices. 

jog airport terminal a

Arrived at the JOG - Yogyakarta Adisucipto International Airport after long traffic congestion on national road Jogja-Solo. 

photo 1-2photo 1-1

Even though the new Yogyakarta International Airport - YIA  already open during ramadhan and  before the Eidl' Fitri, it seems like people prefer JOG instead of YIA that super far away.

FR on YIA also covered by my fellow friends Eric: 


The check in on Terminal A wasn't so crowded actually compared to the baggage reclaim area. I have done the web check-in so I just have to dropped my baggage. It tooks some time due the tag printer machine was erroring. Check-in area and departure flights from Terminal A.

photo 1-3photo 1-4

After sitting at not so good resto outside we came-back inside and proceed to our area while my dad to another area since he will fly with Garuda to UPG. Situation at the former International departure area was rather small compared to the domestic size that now used for Garuda, Citilink, Wings, and several other carrier.  

photo 2-1photo 2-3photo 2-4

The plane that will operate my flight to Jakarta, Boeing 737-800 PK-LBW

photo 2-2

Gate 05 and my boarding pass. Anyway they took the bigger portion…

photo 3-1photo 3-2

Batik 6375

Batik Air ID6375
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Registration: PK-LBW | Msn: 39834| Age: 4.5 Years
Configuration: C12/Y150
Origin: Adi Sucipto International Airport, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (JOG)
Destination:  Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Tangerang, Indonesia (CGK)
Flight Date: Friday, 7th July 2019
Actual Flight Time: 57 minutes
Flight Distance: 283 miles / 456 km   

Boarding! This was actually an anomaly, ID6375 always operated by A320, but I am beyond happy to finally tried their Boeing's fleet. But not quite sure whats happened to the body and paint after Batik word and the registration since planespotters, airfleets, etc. have no history that PK-LBW  transferred to Malindo/Batik Air Malaysia. 

Welcomed by the cabin crew that asked your BP to make sure you're on the right plane. Arrived at the seat the PTV IFE already welcomed you by so many language on the screen.  Right after bunch of 'Welcome' screen with so many language the IFE can already be used. Note that Lion logo is everyyyyywhereeee.  Yeah their branding most likely not so good and inconsistence

Boarding completed, Flight attendant did final check, door closed, and the plane started to push back and taxied. 

The safety demo video played on screen, after that they played the Batik IFE's promotional video. The cabin light were dimmed and note that the Flight map wasn't working yet on the ground.

Taxi passed the Indonesian Air Force Academy, one of the reason why civilian flight needed to move to YIA. Backtracking to Runway 09, and full speed to take off. 

Boeing Sky Interior on the mood with sunset vibes

photo 5-14photo 5-15photo 5-17

The snack service began shortly after the seat belt sign was tured off. Note that Batik no longer serve the snack with paper bag. The movies selection quite ok, but don't forget to brought your own earphone, reading materials on the seat pocket, and the seat pitch was okay. Anyway I was seated at the very back end on the last row and the seat did recline well. But then again for a 57minutes short hop I don't think so we need that right?

The cabin was quiet even though it's full flight. Who said that no one use the IFE? As I can see, even though everyone had smartphones and tablet they will still use PTV IFE for entertainment during the flight only several pax opted to rest during the flight. 

photo 6-4

T3 CGK can be seen, so we're made a loop and approached CGK from south-west. 

photo 7-1

Flight attendant put the cabin lights to the brightest one for final check and dimmed the cabin. Then they set the thank you for flying with us on the screen. 

photo 6-6photo 7-3photo 7-2

Landing  was pretty okay. Then, we vacate to the nearest taxiway and docked at T2E, but surely that was the longest wait on aircraft I've ever had due the jetway wasn't availabe yet. It tooks 10 to 15 minutes that finally the cockpit allowed the flight attendant to disarmed and opened the door. While waiting, I played the Boeing 737-900ER rolled out ceremonial back in 2006, where Lion Air was a proud launch customer for that variants. 

cgk airport terminal 2e

Finally disembark after long wait. New glass-sided jetway in T2E , went downstairs to the arrival area. 

So long time ago T2D and T2E was originally served as International terminal for CGK. As T3 completed its construction that now serve most of international flight for major carrier and T2F now operated as 'International LCCT' so T2D and T2E  operated as domestic terminal for Batik, Sriwijaya, Nam, and Indonesia Air Asia. We can see the Former VoA desk now work as transit/transfer desk for Batik, e-Passport machine left there without certain fate, and  ex-Immigration hall now empty.

photo 8-6photo 8-7photo 8-8

Baggage reclaim area not so crowded at that time.

photo 8-9photo 8-10

Went out to the public bus shelter to catch a shuttle to Bandung like other flight report of mine. Construction on T2F to cope with the demand of air travel. 

photo 8-11photo 8-12

Flight map from FR24

photo 10

previous report

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Thank you so much for stopping by and read my flight report! Really sorry for typo, bad grammar, etc. As I enjoyed reading/views high quality FR. So, I tried my best to deliver FR that met those standards. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to click the like button and comment down below about my flight with BTK 

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Batik Air

Cabin crew7.5

Yogyakarta-Java Island - JOG


Jakarta - CGK



So actually we almost got on Garuda flight that only different about 100.000 IDR or less than a 10 USD but it was fully booked, so Batik was right choice and right time. As now ticket pricing in Indonesia little bit weird. Like Lion air ticket without their prepaid baggage for JOG-CGK was on 800.000 IDR and 15kg prepaid baggage could cost you up to 200.000 IDR, while Batik ticket price was about 1.000.000 IDR include PTV IFE, snack, and 20KG baggage? Isn't it crazy? Finally I manage to fly with Batik's Boeing 737 that became so rare due now they're majority use A320. Batik also have their own Frequent Flyer program but as I asked the check-in staff to input my number it wasn't appeared on boarding pass as like any other airlines, so I'm not really sure if it was really inputted on the system. No one will never know. LOL.

Information on the route Yogyakarta-Java Island (JOG) Jakarta (CGK)


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